Pokémon GO Battle League: How To Get Pikachu Libre

Pikachu Libre will make its debut in Pokémon GO this weekend as a GO Battle League reward but earning that encounter won’t come easy.

Although Niantic first introduced PvP battles to Pokémon GO in 2018, that corner of the game is finally about to get a lot more serious. The first season of GO Battle League launches this weekend, giving trainers a chance to not only pit themselves against others but to definitively discover how they compare.

Players will start at rank one and have the opportunity to battle their way all the way up to rank ten. From ranks one to five, players need to do nothing more than participate. Even lost battles will equal progression. At ranks six and seven only wins will equate to further progression. Then at ranks eight through ten, losing battles could see players slip back down the ladder.

There are rewards up for grabs for winning battles and the higher a player’s rank, the better the rewards. Perhaps the most sought after of these rewards is Pikachu Libre. The latest in a long line of novelty Pikachu added to Pokémon GO‘s Pokédex. This Pikachu is more special than the rest though, and Niantic knows it. That’s why only the very best trainers in GO Battle League will be able to get their hands on one.

An encounter with Pikachu Libre is a reward for winning a battle at rank ten. It is also only available during the first season of GO Battle League, so probably for the next six weeks or so. Pikachu Libre is a guaranteed random encounter which means trainers should have the opportunity to catch more than one. That will require maintaining that rank though which will be easier said than done.

Hold your horses, as Pikachu Libre isn’t available just yet. GO Battle League kicks off on Friday, March 13, 2020. Trainers will then be tasked with battling their way up to rank ten after they have walked 3km in order to enter the league for that day. Chances are only the very best will grind enough to catch a Pikachu Libre on day one. Hats off to anyone who manages to get that done.

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