Resident Evil 8 Village playtest leak details opening sequence

Resident Evil ambassadors have apparently been able to playtest the opening sequence to Resident Evil Village.

Recently, it was reported that members of the Resident Evil Ambassador programme were able to try out a playtest for Resident Evil Village, which apparently consisted of a short section in a castle area.

However, Biohazard Declassified, a site dedicated to Resident Evil news, has received word on a more detailed experience that appears to be about a different playtest: one that might just cover the game’s opening sequence.

As always, take the following information with a grain of salt, although it certainly sounds convincing and seems to match up with the pieces of information we already have. (Spoilers from this point on, obviously.)

The game allegedly opens with a segment of protagonist Ethan in his home, where he is living with his wife, Mia, who is reading a story to their baby daughter Rose.

During this segment, you can walk around Ethan’s house, where there are notes to read which seem to serve as a means of explaining what Ethan has been doing since the events of Resident Evil 7.

Some of the details mentioned in these notes are that Ethan and his family are considered to be free of the E-Virus, aka the Mold, and that Ethan has spent some time training with Chris Redfield, implying that the two have remained in contact with each other.

After putting the baby to bed, Ethan attempts to have a conversation with Mia regarding what happened in Resident Evil 7, but she seems to want to avoid talking about it.

Shortly afterwards, bullets shatter through the window and hit Mia, followed up by Chris entering the house with two masked men, who pump more bullets into Mia after delivering his ‘Sorry, Ethan’ line from the announcement trailer.

Chris proceeds to also take Ethan’s baby, while Ethan himself is bundled into a vehicle, which later crashes and leaves Ethan stranded in the woods. Following the path eventually leads him to the titular village, with lots of dead animals lying on the ground.

Around this point, things start to become more interactive, as Ethan enters a cabin with the old man from the trailer, who gives Ethan his first weapon: a pistol.

Unfortunately, Ethan shortly discovers that the pistol has no bullets, when the old man is taken by a huge tentacle, while Ethan is dragged through the floorboards, where he enters what sounds like the game’s first combat section, surrounded by werewolf-like enemies.

During this section, he can find pistol ammo and a shotgun to use and furniture marked with yellow tape to make barricades and block enemies from pursuing him.

Apparently, these werewolf enemies deal massive damage and are said to have a pack-like mentality, where they will try to surround Ethan and form a perimeter before closing in.

The section is also, according to the source, non-linear and gives players the freedom to attempt it in different ways, though they do state that there isn’t enough ammo to confront the enemies and running away is ultimately the only option.

Once Ethan gets outside, he is then confronted by a large enemy wielding a giant hammer, who leaps from above and is also from the trailer. While they are described as a mini-boss, this being doesn’t attack Ethan and instead calls off the werewolves before leaving.

Ethan continues, before meeting an old woman in robes who says how she feels the two of them will be seeing a lot of each other in the future. It’s believed this woman will act as the game’s merchant and her dialogue certainly insinuates this.

The playtest ends with a cut scene of some other villagers hiding in a building, when one of them transforms into a werewolf.

Everything about the game so far seems to be indicating that it will be more paranormal compared to previous titles, although there is speculation that it will involve hallucinations, which could suggest that people aren’t turning into monsters at all.

Either that or this is simply the result of a new strain of virus, perhaps one related to the Mold. Either way it also sounds an awful lot like a modern interpretation of Resident Evil 4, which is slightly odd as a remake of that game is also rumoured to be underway.

Hopefully, we’ll know for sure how accurate all this information is sometime later this month. Capcom has previously stated that more information will be revealed over the summer and it’s rumoured that a new trailer will be shown this month.

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