Resident Evil: Every Unlockable In Code Veronica

Unlockables are an important part of Resident Evil’s identity and every game after the original features a multitude to uncover. Resident Evil 2 has entire B-Side playthroughs locked behind Leon and Claire’s first campaigns, while Resident Evil 3: Nemesis lets players unlock epilogues that check up on all of the series’ main characters. While Resident Evil: Code Veronica doesn’t have as many unlockables as its predecessor, that’s perhaps fitting the nature of the game.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica was the first game in the series to not launch on the PS1 and it shows. Code Veronica is longer, denser, and harder than the average Resident Evil, playing up then-next gen features while expanding the franchise’s ever growing narrative. What Resident Evil: Code Veronica lacks in unlockables, it makes up for with an addictive Battle Mode that keeps the replay value high.

Battle Game

Beginning with Resident Evil 2, the franchise started introducing alternative game modes to increase replay value. By completing both A and B scenarios, players can unlock Extreme Battle. Similarly, Resident Evil 3 unlocks the first version of Mercenaries – Operation Mad Jackal – after beating the game once. By finishing Code Veronica with any rank, players can unlock its Battle Game. Battle Game is a 19 room gauntlet that pits players against the hardest enemies in Code Veronica in rapid succession.

While there are unlockable characters, players start out with access to either Claire or Chris. Both characters have their own fixed inventories as well. Claire comes equipped with a Combat Knife, Handgun, Bow Gun with infinite Gun Powder Arrows, Infinite Handgun Bullets, and 4 GRB Mixed Herbs. Chris has a Knife, an infinite ammo Magnum, a Shotgun with infinite Shotgun Shells, and 2 RGB Mixed Herbs.

First Person Battle

One of the biggest changes Resident Evil 7 made to the series was trading the third person perspective for first person gameplay. Resident Evil 8 will take after its predecessor in this regard, but it’s worth pointing out that 7 wasn’t the first Resident Evil game to feature first person gameplay.

Beyond Resident Evil Survivor, Code Veronica features a First Person Battle Game mode. The controls aren’t as refined as the main game, of course, but the first person camera does help build tension while adding a fresh element to Battle Game. Unlocking First Person Battle is as simple as completing Code Veronica with any rank.

Alternate Costume (Claire Redfield)

Although there aren’t many unlockables for Code Veronica’s main game, Battle Game is stuffed with secret characters. To unlock an alternate costume for Claire, players need to complete Battle Game as Claire at least once. Alternate Claire comes equipped with a(n):

  • Combat Knife
  • Infinite Ammo Assault Rifle
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Infinite Grenade Rounds
  • Infinite Flame Rounds
  • Infinite Acid Rounds
  • Mixed Herb GRB

Alternate Claire has a much harder final boss than her counterpart as well. Where base Claire faces off against Nosferatu, Alternate Claire fights the T-078 (the infamous Plane Tyrant).

Albert Wesker (Battle)

By completing Battle Game with Chris Redfield, players can unlock Albert Wesker as a playable character. While Wesker is supremely powerful in the canon of Resident Evil, he has the single hardest Battle Game out of the playable cast. Wesker starts with nothing but a Combat Knife and 3 Mixed Herb RGBs – everything else has to be found throughout Battle Game.

If players fail to acquire the Magnum during the Battle Game (which in itself is randomized), it’s all but impossible to actually complete it as Wesker. His final boss is Alexia’s first form, which is just too hard to fight without high power weaponry. All the same, Battle Game as Wesker if an engaging & novel challenge.

Steve Burnside (Battle)

Claire and Chris Redfield are the main playable characters in Code Veronica, but control also swaps over to Steve Burnside – Claire’s fellow prisoner at the start of the game. To unlock Steve for Battle Game, you need to find the Replica Luger in the main game as Chris and keep it in your Item Box. After beating the game, Steve will be unlocked with the following loadout:

  • Combat Knife
  • Infinite ammo Gold Lugar
  • Infinite ammo Sub Machine Gun
  • 2 RBG Mixed Herbs
  • His Family Picture

Steve’s final boss is the Gulp Worm, a boss Chris fights shortly after players first gain control of him on Rockfort. Unfortunately, Steve’s weapons aren’t too impressive, so his run can be spotty even if his final boss isn’t too difficult.

Linear Launcher

The Linear Launcher is an ultra powerful weapon Chris uses at the end of Code Veronica to defeat Alexia and it can actually be unlocked for Battle Game. To do so, Battle Game has to be completed with an A Rank for every single character – Claire, Alternate Claire, Chris, Wesker, and Steve. To get an A Rank, you need to complete each character’s game in the following time limit:

  • Claire – 6:10 minutes
  • Alternate Claire – 8:00 minutes
  • Chris – 6:40 minutes
  • Steve – 10:00 minutes
  • Wesker – 30:00 minutes

After all five characters have beaten Battle Game with an A Rank, the Linear Launcher will be available on subsequent playthroughs (of Battle Game, not Code Veronica).

Infinite Rocket Launcher

As is Resident Evil tradition, Code Veronica features an unlockable Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo for anyone who beats the main game with an A Rank. Getting an A Rank in Code Veronica is considerably harder than other Resident Evil games, however. To get an A rank, you need to:

  • Beat the game in 4 hours, 30 minutes.
  • Beat the game without saving – the only save allowed is prompted before the disc swap.
  • Never use a First Aid Spray.
  • Quick rescue Steve in the Screening Room.
  • Save Rodrigo.

Knocking out all of the criteria for an A Rank is extremely difficult, but the Infinite Rocket Launcher makes repeat playthroughs of Code Veronica so much more cathartic.

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