Risk Of Rain 2: How To Unlock Every Character

With over nine characters to choose from, Risk of Rain 2 offers tons of replayability for anyone who can handle this chaotic roguelike. Not every character is unlocked when you start the game, however. You start with the Commando and Huntress. The rest of the characters are unlocked through challenges, ranging from completing certain stages to obliterating your character.

The reward is massive, as each character offers a unique play style that keeps Risk of Rain 2 as compelling as it is. Combined with each character’s unique skills, there are a near-infinite amount of playstyles for you to explore. Here is how you unlock every playable Survivor in Risk of Rain 2.

Updated April 2nd, 2021 by Charles Burgar: Multiple updates have been released for Risk of Rain 2 since we first wrote this article, introducing a few new Survivors for players to master. The unlock requirements for the Huntress were also changed, now unlocking by default for everyone. We’ve included new Survivors and their respective unlock requirements.


Unlock Requirement: Unlocked by default

Every player has the Commando unlocked by default.


Unlock Requirement: Unlocked by default

Huntress is unlocked for every player by default. Her previous unlock requirement, completing the third stage without dying, is now Bandit’s unlock requirement.


Unlock Requirement: Warrior (complete three stages without dying)

Bandit is unlocked by completing the Warrior challenge, tasking you with completing the first three stages without dying. This can be accomplished on any difficulty with any Artifacts enabled.

If you’re new to Risk of Rain 2, you’ll want to strike a balance between looting crates and speedrunning through zones. The longer you spend in a zone, the harder your run gets. Try to stay efficient when looting maps, killing enemies while looping around the map to unlock chests and other goodies. If you’re struggling to reach the third stage, consider lowering the difficulty to get a feel for each stage and how certain enemies behave.


Unlock Requirement: Verified (Beat the first stage five times)

MUL-T is unlocked by completing the first teleporter event five times. Stage completions are cumulative, meaning it doesn’t have to be in the same run. You must beat the teleporter boss and proceed to the second zone to gain progress.


Unlock Requirement: Engineering Perfection (Complete 30 stages)

You must complete 30 stages to unlock the Engineer. Progress is tracked from all of your games, not just one. You can run the first stage 30 times to unlock it, completing 10 3-stage runs, or anything similar.

Like most things in Risk of Rain 2, this character will unlock over time. If you want to unlock him quickly, play on Drizzle difficulty and focus on teleporter events.


Unlock Requirement: Pause (Purchase Artificer from the Bazaar merchant)

Artificer is one of the most annoying characters to unlock. She requires Lunar Coins to unlock, something that rarely drops off of slain monsters. Eleven Lunar Coins are needed to unlock the Artificer, one for the Bazaar, and ten to purchase the Artificer outright.

Once you have the currency, open a portal to the Bazaar Between Time through a Newt Altar. This will cost one Lunar Coin. In the Bazaar, head to the merchant and interact with the frozen Artificer beside them. It’ll cost ten Lunar Coins to free the Artificer, unlocking her for future runs. If you need a source of Lunar Coins, consider ending your runs through an Obelisk obliteration, the portal for which will spawn after the first loop on the third stage.


Unlock Requirement: True Respite (Obliterate yourself at an Obelisk)

Obliterating yourself is the only way to unlock Mercenary. To obliterate yourself, you must enter a Celestial Portal and interact with the Obelisk device to destroy your character, ending the run.

Celestial Portals always spawn in the third stage after completing one loop—completing five unique stages before you rotate back to the first stage Environments. You’ll also gain a few Lunar Coins for ending your run this way, making it a solid way of unlocking Artificer as well.


Unlock Requirement: Power Plant (Find and power REX with a Fuel Array in the Abyssal Depths stage)

Unlocking REX requires you to power it up during the Abyssal Depths stage. To power him, you must escort a Fuel Array from your drop pod through multiple stages. The Fuel Array is located behind your drop pod in the first stage. Interact with the panel in the back to grab the array.

While you’re carrying the Fuel Array, your character will explode when you reach below 50% health, effectively halving your health pool. Should the explosion not kill you, the Fuel Array will be lost, forcing you to restart the challenge. Play cautiously, avoid fall damage, and hope you get the Abyssal Depths as your fourth stage.


Unlock Requirement: Guidance Offline (Defeat the Alloy Worship Unit in the Siren’s Call stage)

Siren’s Call is a possible fourth location that players will visit during their run. When you spawn here, you must destroy five egg nests to spawn a unique boss. The Alloy Worship Unit is a tough enemy with a massive health pool, deals ludicrous amounts of damage, and persists until you kill him. On death, the Alloy Worship Unit will spawn a Rare item and, when defeated for the first time, unlocks Loader as a playable character.


Unlock Requirement: …To Be Left Alone (Clear the Void Fields stage)

Acrid is one of Risk of Rain 2’s best secrets. He is tied to a challenge started in the Bazaar Between Time, a hidden area itself. Interact with a Newt Altar to spawn the Bazaar to begin. Once at the Bazaar, look for a cave entrance under the spawn point.

Inside the cave, enter the Null Portal to reach the Void Fields. You’ll take constant damage over time until you complete all nine challenges, each spawning enemies with items. Complete all nine events to gain a suite of items and unlock Acrid as a playable character.


Unlock Requirement: Washed Away (Beat the game)

If you don’t care for spoilers, just know that you must beat Risk of Rain 2 to unlock Captain. Beating the game requires you to reach Sky Meadow and align the teleporter with the moon, accessing the game’s final stage.

Spoilers below!

Once you’ve entered the teleporter, you’ll be taken to Commencement, the final stage of the game. You’ll have to face off against some of the toughest enemies the game has to offer. Stay on the move, but watch your step. At the end of the zone is Mithrix, the final boss. This boss has a dedicated moveset and outputs an absurd amount of damage, so keep your distance. When defeated, you’ll need to escape the moon before it self-destructs, hitching a ride on a spaceship to leave the planet. Defend the rescue ship for one minute to beat the game and unlock Captain as a playable character.

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