Sea of Stars is a gorgeous retro-RPG from The Messenger studio Sabotage

Sabotage Studios announced Sea of Stars today, a new role-playing game inspired by the 16-bit era.

This is the same studio behind the excellent 2018 action-sidescroller The Messenger (it was one of my favorite games that year). In fact, Sea of Stars takes place in the same universe, its story serving as a prequel.

Sea of Stars is turning to Kickstarter for crowdfunding, with a goal of $90,760. It is aiming for a release on consoles and PC in 2022.

Looking at the game in the trailer above, you can see inspiration from some of the biggest Japanese RPGs of the ’90s, including Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG. And those influences are coupled with some beautiful pixel art.

While action RPGs and 2D sidescrollers often inspire retro indie games, it’s still a bit more rare to see these studios tackle the turn-based RPG market, although you do see it in games like Undertale and Indivisible.

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