Sea Of Thieves: How To Get Free Ancient Coins From Ancient Skeletons

If there’s one thing you should expect to be able to do as a pirate in a game like Sea Of Thieves its to plunder and steal all the coins you can carry. But, as a game as a service title, the developers have included various types of currencies into the game, the most valuable of them being Ancient Coins. These can be earned extremely easily if you’re willing to fork over some of your real world cash, but that isn’t very pirate-like, now is it? If you want to really live the pirate life and learn how to get free Ancient Coins from Ancient Skeletons, follow our treasure map.

How To Get Free Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins were added to the game with the Pirate Emporium update that are used to buy the fanciest cosmetic items up for sale. Unlike the more egregious and manipulative games that implement a premium currency like these, Sea Of Thieves at least does offer an alternative means of getting your hands on some of these valuable coins. Doing so isn’t easy, as it requires you to track down and defeat Ancient Skeletons, but worth it to save some cash.

Ancient Skeletons are easily spotted thanks to their blue and gold-colored bones and the big sack of coins they carry on their backs. They also have their own unique soundtrack that plays when one is nearby, as well make the sound effect of coins clanking together. The downside is they show up randomly on the various islands, only emerging from the dirt so don’t go hunting for them on the high sea.

Another tricky aspect to Ancient Skeletons, as if finding them wasn’t hard enough, is the fact that they’re gutless cowards (pardon the pun). Once you find and get close to one, you have only around ten seconds to defeat it and take the loot before it runs away and buries itself back in the ground. If it manages to dig itself underground before you can kill it, you’ve missed your chance.

When you do manage to take one out, you will have to go into the Pirate Emporium in your menu to see how many Ancient Coins you collected since there doesn’t seem to be a consistent amount that they drop.

As mentioned, the in-game store sells Ancient Coins in various bundles ranging from 150 all the way up to 4,250. If you have something you absolutely need to get, and the Ancient Skeletons just aren’t showing up consistently enough for you, the best deals would be to buy them in larger quantities. Going for the biggest batch works out to each Ancient Coin costing .82 cents while buying the smallest sum equates to $1.32 per Ancient Coin.

A pirate’s life isn’t easy, so get out there and find those Ancient Skeletons and loot them for all their worth!

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