Six Days In Fallujah Publisher States Game Is ‘Inseparable From Politics’

There seems to be a bit of mix messaging when it comes to Six Days in Fallujah, the controversial first-person shooter based on the 2004 Fallujah massacre. Previous comments from the game’s creator, Peter Tamte, claimed that “we’re not trying to make a political commentary” when speaking to Likely to curb a lot of the blowback from Tamte’s comments, publisher Victura has now stated that its title is “inseparable from politics.”

In a statement on Twitter, the company spelled out just what the game will be attempting to cover for players. “During gameplay players will participate in stories that are given context through the documentary segments,” reads the message. “Each mission challenges players to solve real military and civilian scenarios from the battle interactively, offering a perspective into urban warfare not possible through any media.”

To achieve this, developer Highwire has interviewed dozens of military service members and 26 Iraqi civilians about their experience during the conflict. The game will then recreate these stories to give players varied perspectives on what went down during this battle. “We believe the stories of this generation’s sacrifices deserve to be told by the Marines, Soldiers, and civilians who were there.”

It’s still a bit difficult to see how effective this will be. Video games have an edge over films in that they are interactive and can put players into difficult situations. At the same time, it’s hard not to feel like Six Days in Fallujah is exploiting a real-life atrocity to make a quick buck. Today’s message doesn’t feel like it was forced, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on the final product being some paragon of truth.

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