The Last Of Us Part 2 has gone gold, story will not be changing

Anyone hoping Naughty Dog is going to make any last minute changes To The Last Of Us Part 2 should give up now as the game is already done.

The leaks for The Last Of Us Part 2 (there’s no spoilers in that link) have been some of the most significant gaming has ever seen and there’s really nothing Sony or Naughty Dog can do about it.

When the game was last delayed, it was made clear that it wasn’t because it wasn’t going to be finished on time but because of unspecified logistical problems, which was taken to mean that, due to the coronavirus, there wouldn’t be enough physical copies to go around.

Square Enix had the same worries about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but Naughty Dog seems to have been so concerned about spoilers that they decided to delay so everyone got the game at the same time and, well… you know how that went.

And now The Last Of Us Part 2 has gone gold. That means it’s now 100% finished (barring any day one patches) and cannot be changed, as it’s sent off for physical copies to be manufactured.

According to Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann the game enjoyed ‘a few extra weeks’ of ‘polish’ but other than that there’s no suggestion of any major changes.

So anyone that read the spoilers and didn’t like the sound of the story, there’s little chance that Naughty Dog has had the opportunity to change anything significant.

The only possibility is if the version of the game that leaked was very early and that it had already been changed later, although we know from Naughty Dog themselves that the ending, at least, was set in stone last year.

It’s unprecedented for a story-based game to leak like this but so far there’s no suggestion it’s going to have any negative effect on sales, as the game is currently the number one selling title on Amazon – which is the only real way to judge things at the moment – in most major markets around the world.

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