The Nintendo Switch Is Now The Sixth Best Selling Console In Japan

It’s been a wild journey for the Nintendo Switch. Since releasing in March 2017, it managed to wash the bad taste of the Wii U out of everyone’s mouth, and innovate on the Wii’s game changing motion sensing gameplay. Equally however, it’s been messy. That dreaded joy-con drift just won’t go away, and Nintendo has faced various class actions lawsuits over the hardware issue.

And yet that somehow hasn’t clipped its wings. Still going strong, the Switch just overtook the Famicom to become the sixth best selling console in Japan, and is expected to overtake the PSP in fifth place in just a months time.

As reported by NintendoLife, the Switch has now sold 19,410,000 units in Japan. And it isn’t looking bad worldwide either—as of December 2020, the popular hybrid console had shifted a total of 79.87 units.

In even better news for Nintendo, the Video Game Charts Twitter account predicts (using data from the Japanese gaming news outlet, Famitsu) this growth will only continue, considering the release of the gen 4 Pokemon remakes later this year, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus next year. Due to this Video Game Charts claim the Switch could overtake the PlayStation 2 in November, and perhaps the 3DS next year. As of right now, the DS still just about clings on to the top spot, almost two decades since its release.

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