Warzone: How To Complete All Old Wounds Intel Mission

Warzone Season five continues its weekly narrative with yet another intel mission, this time called All Old Wounds. As always, you’ll be tasked with tracking down a set of collectibles around the map based on cryptic clues. If you need help tracking down all pieces of intel for this mission, our guide has you covered.

If you’ve been keeping up with the intel missions in Warzone each week then you’ve probably been anticipating this new mission’s arrival already. All Old Wounds has only just arrived, and it acts very similar to previous intel missions. You have five pieces of intel to collect around Verdansk, each one leading to the next with a small hint.

Warzone Intel Mission All Old Wounds Locations

As with all weekly intel missions, you can only get one piece of intel per match. You do not need to complete the match for the intel you collect to count, so feel free to quit out and rejoin if you want to complete the intel mission as fast as possible.

First Intel Location

The initial image you get for All Old Wounds is not very useful to get you started, simply showing a desk in what looks to be some kind of bunker. It’s actually the prisoner’s control room in the Gulag. Head to the dead center of the building to find the desk from the image with a gold coin next to the computer. You will get a note stating, “aem 3-1 signal came from in here. found this. b2 IIIIII. Can you decipher?”

Second Intel Location

Dropping back into the prison, the portion of the clue reading “b2 IIIIII” is referring to the basement level of the prison, and the second cell from where you enter. Check the heating pipes on the wall, perhaps resembling the “IIIIII” part of the clue, for the prompt to pick up the second bit of intel. This one gives you another note that states, “Finishing what father began. ADLER/PERSEUS? PERSEUS tried recruiting IZ. Moving to showers block 2.” Fans speculate the “IZ” could possibly reference Imran Zakhaev from the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Third Intel Location

Based on the last clue, you need to now head into the shower rooms of the prison building. If you haven’t been there before, they’re located on the very bottom floor through some double doors, and will be immediately familiar as the arena where you do you 1v1 Gulag matches. Head up into the area where you would spectate others while waiting for your match, and start looking in the cells until you get the intel prompt from one of the toilets. Your next clue will read, “Z controls the BFT. will use me as ground conf. Moving med/nuke material. Office above entrance.”

Fourth Intel Location

The “office above entrance” mentioned in your last clue will lead you to the office sitting right above the entrance to the prison on the North side of the building. Either drop in from above if you’re parachuting in, or go through the entrance from the ground and up the wooden staircase to get to the main office and pick up the folder on the desk. This time you get an inventory list of various chemicals along with the note, “Moving underground. Leave prisoner in A3.”

Fifth Intel Location

If  you hadn’t already guessed, A3 refers to a cell in the prison. The A level is the top floor, and A3 is conveniently straight ahead from where the stairs let you out. Inside this cell is a crate sitting on the floor holding the intel item. To see this final clue you need to back out, or finish the game, and go into your intel mission menu. This final clue, a crude drawing, depicts a section of the map you can find to the Northeast of Lumber where a sewer pipe can be seen sticking out of a cliff face at the edge of the map.

You can actually spot a bag a little higher up on a rock that contains another piece of intel, and you can even make a mad dash out of the combat zone to grab it, but considering it isn’t meant to be collected just yet, it would probably be safer to just leave it alone for now.

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