There’s a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons item duping glitch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have found another item duplication exploit. It’s a lot more specific than the earlier glitch that Nintendo patched out in late March, but it’s fairly simple.

YouTube creator Artificial Switch posted a video on Sunday describing the process. Here’s what you’ll need: a 2×1 table, like the low wooden table; a 2×2 table, like the wooden block table; and a 2×1 item, like a TV or katana. (Only 2×1 items seem to work with this glitch.) You’ve got to place the tables in the middle of your home’s original room and place the item on the smaller table. Open the item placement mode by pushing the down arrow on your controller. Select the smaller table and move the table to the next side of the table without rotating it — drop the item slightly overlapping the table, while still perpendicular, and it’ll rotate itself once it’s placed. Do this three times then leave the room. When you return, the item will be duplicated.

It’s a little confusing to explain, so you’ll want to watch the video (embedded above) to see it in action. Use the placement mode once again to store the items, and then they’ll be yours to keep. We’ve been able to confirm that it does, indeed, work in creating item dupes.

Here’s the thing: This isn’t Animal Crossing working as intended, and some would consider it cheating. Nintendo will likely patch this out, and there’s no word on whether folks who use the exploit will be punished. But like we said before, if you’re hurting for bells or just want a ton of katanas, the option is there, at your own risk.

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