The Division 2 Patch Notes: Another Update Out Next Week

The Division 2 has a small patch that released on Tuesday, May 5. According to the patch notes, the update will fix an issue making it possible to kill the enemy Kajika in a certain mission before the intended time, as well as adding more spawn points for reinforcements during the Warhound Convoy activities. Another update is planned for next week, arriving May 12.

Fans of the Division 2 have been looking for more information on the game’s upcoming raid for weeks now. In a recent video on the state of the game released by Ubisoft, a developer said that they “don’t have any information about the raid yet.” The video also detailed Ubisoft’s continued investigation into the widespread connectivity issues that many players have reported. Though the developer still hasn’t figured out what’s causing them, they’re the team’s “highest priority.”

If you were thinking of stepping into The Division 2 for the first time, Ubisoft is currently offering a free 8-hour trial for the game on all platforms.

Full patch notes below:

The Division 2 Maintenance Notes:

  • Added more spawn points for reinforcements during Warhound Convoy activities.
    • This will make the activity be more in line with other Open World activities in terms of completion time.
  • Fixed an issue making it possible to kill Kajika in the Pathway Park Main Mission before the final encounter.
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