DOOM Eternal: Every Single Demon, Ranked

There are A LOT of demons to kill in DOOM Eternal. Some are returning classics, while others are brand new to the series. This is a definitive power rank of all the demons in DOOM Eternal based on the absolutely no standard or definable metric. Even so, we can assure you it is 100% accurate and factual.

16 Marauders

Excuse my foul language, but marauders can kiss my tiny butt. A brand new enemy in DOOM Eternal, the marauders are evil Night Sentinels resurrected by hell magic that wield weapons made of Argent Energy. They are invincible save for split-second openings before they attack, making them the toughest and most frustrating enemies in the game. Do not like.

The suped-up version of the Mancubus isn’t just stronger and uglier: it fires globs of toxic waste that pools on the ground. In the heat of battle, it can be difficult to notice the acid, resulting in some rather irritating deaths. Luckily, one blood punch completely destroys their armor.

15 Hell Knight, Dread Knight, And Baron Of Hell

These 3 demons share a position on our ranking because they’re all exactly the same: A big chungus that charges you down relentlessly. Sometimes they stomp, sometimes they slash, but they always die to a few dozen chaingun rounds. Kiting enemies gets a little old after a while.

14 Cacodemon

Cacodemons are a classic, but they’re particularly annoying to fight in DOOM Eternal. They usually attack in pairs and their jump attacks are deadly. Their weakness is to lob a grenade into their open mouths, which can be hard to time and requires an extra level of cooldown management. It’s best to nuke these jerks with a charged Ballista shot instead.

13 Pain Elemental

On almost the same tier as cacodemons, but bonus points for not skipping arm day. Pain Elementals take extra damage from the Ballista, so while they may seem excessively beefy, it’s just about using the right tool for the job.

12 Prowler

One teleporting demon is annoying. 10 teleporting demons is a fiasco. These guys are one of the few demons that practically require the ice bomb to pin down. They’re fast, they’re furious, they’re dicks.

11 Pinky

Pinkies are a series staple and ranking them any lower than this would be sacrilege, but we don’t have a ton of love for these boys in DOOM Eternal. There are far fewer hallways and tight corridors this time to make pinky fights exciting. Pinkies are just a nuisance now.

10 Fodder

Here is the spot for all the ammo farm monsters. Soldiers, imps, gargoyles, and drones, these are the piñatas that shamble around waiting to be chainsawed open. They don’t pose any real threat but they might be the most fun demons to kill.

9 Archvile

Archviles are a returning demon from DOOM II. While they don’t really show up until the end of the game, they’re a huge threat that really spice up the battlefield. A smart slayer will turn their full attention to the archvile as soon as they start seeing buffed enemies spawn.

8 Spectre

Why are spectres so high up on this list? Because they’re are invisible and they scare the bejebus out of us. Mowing down countless hellspawn can get a little monotonous from time to time, but a spectre creeping up never fails to make our hearts leap out of our chests. Thank you spectres, for reminding us to stay vigilant.

7 Revenant

Revenants are basically the DOOM mascots, and for good reason. The combination of a bloody screeching demon and big ass canons perfectly captures the spirit of DOOM. They’re also the only demon you get to play as during the DOOM Eternal campaign.

6 Mancubus

The standard mancubus is so much fun to murder. Blowing off both if its arm canons is a gift you give yourself. They have great Glory Kill animations and the exploded remains of their big fat husks are deliciously macabre. Mancubi are great.

5 Carcass

Carcass demons are brand new to DOOM Eternal and they’re absolutely absurd. They waddle around on robot spider legs throwing up energy walls that explode when hit with the Plasma Rifle. They earned this spot on the list simply because when they die they do a goofy spin into the air and explode. It never gets old.

4 Doom Hunter

Doom Hunters have one of the best intros in gaming history. They get built up for an entire mission as a mini-boss. At the end of the mission you fight one and it’s brutal. They have 2 stages and a shield, requiring quick weapon switching and strategy. As soon as it finally dies, 2 more spawn. Get rekt!

3 Arachnotron

It never gets old sniping the gun off the heads of these big spider boys. Arachnotrons are some of the most perfectly designed DOOM enemies ever. Their animations are fantastic, they’re fun to glory kill, and they’re threatening at both long and close range. One would be hard-pressed to find a more interesting enemy than the arachnotrons.

2 Whiplash

Speaking of exceptional animations, whiplash is another new demon in DOOM Eternal that immediately stole the show. The way they slither around hurling energy waves at you is just so cool. You can freeze them with the ice bomb, but the real big brain move is hooking them with the Super Shotgun and head shotting them at point-blank range. Mix in the slow-motion rune and get ready to have the time of your life.

1 Tyrant

Nothing in DOOM Eternal compares to the thrill of taking down a big demon, and the tyrant is the biggest of them all. At the end of the day, we’re all here to spill the most demon blood we can, right? We estimate that tyrants have upwards of 600 gallons of demon blood coursing through their disgusting veins. Saddle up cowboy, it’s time for the big show.

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