Animal Crossing: New Horizons – The Complete Guide

Traveling to an exotic island might be out of your budget, but Nintendo has you covered with a no-expenses paid trip to a new locale. It’ll cost some Bells to build your new getaway, but most Animal Crossing fans are used to the Nook tax by now. There’s a lot to do on Animal Crossing: New Horizon‘s island, so we’re going to show you how to make Bells fast and get to the good stuff.

Rake In The Bells And Get Gear

Let’s face it: Animal Crossing is all about getting stuff. Yes it’s also about making adorable animal friends, but having a pimped-out home is the dream. So let’s go over some great ways to make Bells and get cool stuff in New Horizon.

  • How To Make Bells Fast
  • How To Get A Shovel
  • Craft Fish Bait To Make Fishing Easier
  • How To Carry More Stuff
  • How To Catch Wasps & Never Get Stung Again
  • How To Quickly Unlock Pocket Camp Bonus Items

Win Over Some Animal Friends

The adorable characters of Animal Crossing are a big selling point. This section goes over how to get the ones you want on your island and keep them happy.

  • How And Where To Use Amiibo
  • How To Get Blathers On Your Island

Tips & Tricks

Looking for advice on things that aren’t money or relationship related? You’ll find it here.

  • How To Adjust Your System Clock To Change The Seasons
  • How To Unlock The ACNH Switch
  • Where To Find The Island Secret, Wisp

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