Ibb & Obb Switch Review: Couch Co-Op Chaos

If you miss the good old days of couch co-op and shouting at your loved ones to, “Just go that way already,” then Ibb & Obb is for you. Solve the puzzles by swapping sides, talking tactics, and jumping on each other’s heads. It’s just like your childhood all over again.

This cooperative puzzler is a quirky gravity-defying platformer for two players to enjoy. Work together, defy gravity, figure out the puzzles, and enjoy the ride as the adorable Ibb and Obb take you on a unique adventure.

Grab A Buddy

The first thing you need to know is that Ibb & Obb is not a solo journey. There is an online mode to find a Player 2, but, at least currently, this is incredibly difficult on the Switch due to the newness of the game. In time, this is likely to improve, as other players venture online, but realistically, grabbing a friend or family member is the best way to play this title.

Players take control of either Ibb or Obb and must venture under and over the platform in order to succeed. In many places, the doors between the top and bottom of the level are simply bubbles, that either character can navigate. However, this changes later on.

You’ll find yourselves frequently swapping as different areas require one character on each side or both characters on one side. Jumping up and down can feel a little weird at first, but does offer a fun way to play and brings a uniqueness to the puzzles.

Puzzling Chaos

The game takes advantage of the gravity mechanics with some areas of the game requiring you to use physics and momentum to get where you need to be. You’ll also need to jump on enemies (as well as each other).

As the levels progress, there are extra things to navigate, such as trampoline-style doorways that are activated by the player underneath.  There are also some areas that will only be accessible by a specific character, requiring them to venture through a door in their color

While puzzles can be tricky to navigate in places, they generally aren’t too difficult, making this a great family title. I played with my children and they loved it, but they were also quite capable of playing on their own.

If you fail, such as by walking into a spikey enemy, both players will dissolve into small pieces and restart from just before where they made a mistake. This means you can try different tactics without worrying about losing progress or running out of lives.

Family Fun

The area in which Ibb & Obb really excels is its simple family-friendly fun. Because you have to work together, it encourages cooperation and communication. While in places it can result in one player shouting at another, it rarely became truly frustrating, meaning tempers can (mostly) be kept in check.

There is no story nor any rhyme or reason to why these quirky characters are navigating the cutest version of the Upside Down we’ve ever seen, but the game really doesn’t need one. Quite simply, it’s just good old fashioned couch co-op fun.

The upbeat sound is nice and relaxing, and the levels change enough to keep things interesting as you venture through them. The only slight disappointment is that the game doesn’t last long. However, it does have 15 main levels, along with some other hidden levels, and you can expect to get at least 6-8 hours or so out of it, which is about what I’d expect from a game of this type. This time will be much longer if you’re playing with younger gamers.

Overall, the game is well thought out, well-executed, and really enjoyable to play. The gravity mechanics are a quirky addition that keeps it interesting and the difficulty levels mean that gamers young and old alike can enjoy it.

A Nintendo Switch copy of Ibb & Obb was provided to TheGamer for this review. Ibb & Obb is available now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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