Ark Update 2.36 – Patch Notes

Ark’s 2.36 update has arrived on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

With the arrival of the Crystal Isles earlier last week (or last month on PC), Ark: Survival Evolved saw the introduction of a ton of new content for absolutely no charge at all. Giant floating islands, rocket-powered Tropeognathus, and giant beehives are all hallmarks of this brand new 150 square kilometer map.

Another addition was the Crystal Wyverns, a species of dragon-like flying lizards that come in a variety of colors depending on what region of the Crystal Isles they were captured. However, there was a bug at release that prevented Crystal Wyverns from being transferred to a new server using Ark’s character transfer system.

That’s been fixed as of update 2.36 on consoles, so now you can transfer away and take your beautiful Crystal Wyvern with you.

Additionally, an issue with tree harvesting that would cause a client crash has also been fixed.

Although the patch notes are just two items long, the PS4 update’s download size is a massive 10.9 GB. With a download that large, there’s almost certainly some stuff going on under the hood, but Studio Wildcard isn’t telling us what–at least, for now.

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