Bravely Default 2: Guide To Booster Bun Farming

Booster Buns are one of the most coveted items in Bravely Default 2, as they can permanently raise certain stats for your characters depending on the bun used, so you can make your party an absolute powerhouse. Regrettably, these items aren’t too common and can not simply be bought from stores.

The only other downside is that stats given by buns do not carry over into New Game Plus, though your items do carry over, so it’s worth keeping a stash of various Booster Buns in your inventory for your next playthrough. Here’s everything you need to know about getting your hands on these buns.

Best Farming Method

Firstly, you need to obtain the Thief Job, which is unlocked via the storyline at the end of Chapter One. Once you have it, level it to at least level 10 so that in addition to having “Steal”, you will also have the passive ability “Magpie”, which gives a 25% of acquiring rare items when stealing. This will give you the basic setup you need to start farming.

Once you have decided which kind of Booster Bun you desire, you can target enemies that hold them and repeatedly steal from them to farm buns until they no longer hold any items. Make sure that you don’t accidentally kill your target, so if your other characters aren’t set up for thievery, then just have them default every turn so that they’re not killing your enemies. Monsters appear to hold one of each kind of item that you can steal from them before you get the message “Nothing to steal!”.

There are a couple of additional skills that will make farming buns even easier. Leveling Thief to level 12 will also get you the passive ability “Rob Blind”, which means that sometimes when stealing, you will get two items instead of one.

Additionally, leveling Freelancer to level 6 will give you the Lucky Charm ability, which increases the target’s luck for five turns, improving your chances of stealing and of obtaining rare items when stealing. So, having Thief as your main job and Freelancer as your sub-job would work well.

You can also improve your chances of stealing by buying the Thief Gloves, which can be purchased from the shop in Rimedhal for 2830pg, which increases your chance of stealing by 15%.

Of course, having Thief set as a main or sub job on all characters will increase your farming efficiency, as if they can all steal then the whole process will go a lot quicker. Even more so if all of them have the previously mentioned passive abilities and Thief Gloves equipped too. Furthermore, you can use Monster Treats to lure monsters into continuous battles, chaining battles to make your farming even more efficient.

The same stealing setup listed above can be used to farm other sought-after items, such as JP Orbs, or Monster Treats.

Where to Farm Booster Buns

Below is not a definitive list of all enemies that you can steal Booster Buns from, but gives you some targets to enable you to farm your bun of choice. If you forget which monsters you can steal buns from, you can check in the Lore option of the menu.

Booster Bun (HP)

  • Yeti on the world map near Rimedhal.

Booster Bun (MP)

  • Ventus Element in the Institute dungeon inside Wiswald.
  • Azazel in the Jaws of Judgment dungeon next to Rimedhal.

Booster Bun (Physical Attack)

  • Hecatoncheir in the Vale of Sighs dungeon near Halcyonia, on the eastern side of the map.
  • Skeleton Sellsword in the Sewers under Wiswald (accessed from inside the city) and the Institute tower dungeon in Wiswald (accessed from inside the city).
  • Aka-Oni on the world map near Rimedhal.

Booster Bun (Physical Defence)

  • Sahagin on the world map near Halcyonia, on the shoreline.
  • Polar Bear on the world map near Rimedhal.
  • Rock Tortoise on world map near Wiswald.
  • Holy Lance in the Hall of Holies dungeon in Rimedhal (accessed from within the city).

Booster Bun (Magical Attack)

  • Mossy Fungoo in Wiswald Woods dungeon.

Booster Bun (Magical Defence)

  • Moulder on world map near Wiswald.
  • Kukulcan on world map near Rimedhal, on the eastern side of the map.

Booster Bun (Res. Power)

  • Daidarabocchi in the Sandswept Ruins dungeon near Savalon.
  • Turan in the Serpent’s Grotto dungeon just north of Rimedhal.

Booster Bun (Speed)

  • Brimstone Stallion on the world map near Halyconia.
  • Wiki-Wikis found randomly with other enemy groups in dungeons and on the world map.
  • Lux Element in the Serpent’s Grotto dungeon just north of Rimedhal.

Booster Bun (Aim)

  • White Fang in the Jaws of Judgment dungeon next to Rimedhal.
  • Vesp Pest on the world map near Wilswald.
  • Sleipnir in the Crystalcap Mountain dungeon near RImedhal, to the north of the map.

Booster Bun (Evasion)

  • Lop-Eared Ratbitt in the Underground Reservoir dungeon, under Savalon (accessed from inside the city).
  • Staggermoth on the world map near Wiswald.
  • Shadowmoth on the world map near Rimedhal, towards the eastern side of the map.

Booster Bun (Critical Chance)

  • Gigantos in the Institute (tower) dungeon accessed from inside Wiswald.
  • Frost Tortoise in the Jaws of Judgment dungeon next to Rimedhal.

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