Destiny 2: A Guide To In Pursuit Of Honor

The Mountaintop is one of the best weapons in Destiny 2, especially against bosses. The natural trouble, of course, is that it is earned by accomplishing the “In Pursuit of Honor” triumph, which is entirely based on success in PvP. So players who naturally want the weapon to take down bosses will be in an unfamiliar place.

If this is you, never fear! It’s no cakewalk and you can be easily discouraged by people who have given up and said it’s impossible. The PvE community feels and understands this pain, but take heart, we’ve got a guide that will help even the weakest of arena players knock this out in no time.

Know the Requirements

It’s important to note that these must be accomplished in the competitive modes, so any kills in the campaign or in raids won’t qualify, even if they are against open-world PvP battles.

  • Kill 750 enemies.
  • Kill 75 opponents back-to-back (quickly kill one and then another or two or more at a time)
  • Earn 25 Calculated Trajectory medals (kill three or more players in a single life)

Exact numbers on your progress are tough to come by, they are actually earned as “points” and various modes and patches change the points toward the progress (i.e. killing a player can yield 1.5 points toward the first requirement’s progress). In older versions of the game, the gun required a static number in each of these categories, but you’ll see it’s measured by percentage now and not whole numbers.

Don’t overburden yourself trying to calculate the exact numbers, let’s devise a strategy that will help fulfill each of them.

Play Momentum Control

In Momentum Control, gun damage has been souped up, team numbers have been bumped up to six, and respawn rates have been cut down. This is the absolute ideal mode for accomplishing all of your objectives, vastly increasing your likelihood of getting multiple kills in succession.

Yes, the other enemies will be deadly as well, but grenade launchers are better in this mode than in any other, so you’ll have an advantage. And remember that dying isn’t so bad, after killing three opponents, you’ll actually want to die so that you can start your killstreak over again.

Use A Great PvP Grenade Launcher

One reason this goes so slowly for players is that they are “saving up” for The Mountaintop. That’s noble, but the process of earning it will be a snap if you’re using a decent grenade launcher in the meantime. If you insist on using any grenade launcher, you might never get there at all.

Seriously consider some of these great alternatives to help you with these challenges:

  • Fighting Lion
  • The Colony
  • Martyr’s Retribution

All three of these guns are world drops and won’t cost you a dime (though maybe you’ll need a touch of luck). If you already have one you like, go ahead and stick with it.

Choosing Mods And Specializations

The best mods for your gun will be:

  • Grenade Launcher Reload
  • Grenade Launcher Scavenger

There’s no need to play coy or defensively. You are focused only on offensive abilities that maximize your damage capabilities before your untimely demise. Reload is perfect for killing enemies consecutively and scavenger is better than a backup because you’ll be looting bodies that you kill for that three-player killstreak.

Specialize in anything that boosts your Super or grenade capabilities. While all weapons benefit from the Super, grenade launchers are disproportionately and exponentially better. Fire at the ground and let the massive damage radius take care of the rest.

Hang Tough

There is a reason the Mountaintop isn’t seen more frequently. This is a tough ask for anybody, even PvP players. And this guide only covers the “In Pursuit of Honor” step, which is the hardest step, but there are still a few more chores for you to do.

Maybe Momentum Control isn’t on the playlist. Maybe those exotic grenade launchers aren’t dropping for you. But don’t let bad luck keep you down. Make a plan and take your time, once you really follow these steps, it’ll be over before you know it.

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