Doom Eternal Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass For PC

Doom Eternal is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3. The popular ripping-and-tearing simulator launched on Xbox Game Pass in October, but PC users can finally join in on the fun this Thusday.

The announcement was made early this morning by Parker Wilhelm, Associate Content Manager for Bethesda Softworks. In a post on the official Xbox website, Wilhelm dropped a few big news items regarding the popular title. Doom Eternal on Xbox Game Pass for PC was the most significant announcement – giving PC subscribers access to the game’s campaign, BattleMode, and other classic content – but we also learned about a new Master Level for Super Gore Nest.

“Like previous Master Levels, the Super Gore Nest Master Level takes the original you know and love from Doom Eternal’s campaign and gives it a remix – adding more big bads and changing up combat encounters for a fresh, fast, and frenzied combat experience,” reads Wilhelm’s post. Better yet, the new Master Level is now available if you happen to already have access to Doom Eternal.

The Super Gore Next Master Level comes in a variety of difficulties and modes, and each time you finish one you’ll earn an exclusive cosmetic reward. Complete all the challenges and you’ll unlock the Gold Combat Shotgun skin. There’s even a brand-new Classic Mode available in the Super Gore Nest level. This forces you to play through the map with just the Combat Shotgun as your starting weapon. Along the way you can find your other guns and mods, but you’ll need to fight hordes of demons before you can get your hands on them. Beat the level in this mode and you’ll unlock the Classic Green Slayer skin.

Doom Eternal has had an incredible year despite stiff competition from another game that shared its release date of March 20 – Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Both games have earned nominations at The Game Awards, and both are certainly deserving of any accolades that come their way.

Doom Eternal will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC on December 3.

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