Echo VR On Oculus Quest To Get Closed Alpha Test March 26

Today, during the first-ever all-digital Facebook: Game Developers Showcase, Ready at Dawn announced that its upcoming Oculus Quest port of competitive zero-gravity disc game, Echo VR, will have a Closed Alpha test later this month on March 26th.

Echo Arena pits two small teams of players against one another in what’s basically a zero-gravity game of ultimate frisbee. The objective is to pass and throw the disc down the arena and through the goal to score a point. You can fling the disc as hard as you want, punch the other team to stun them, and get creative with bank shots around corners. It’s really a ton of fun.

When we tried out Echo VR on Oculus Quest back at Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) we noted that it was clearly an inferior version of the game, but all things considered it seemed to play and perform well. The limitations of the Quest’s four external tracking cameras are apparent when you start to reach behind your back a lot or generally hold the disc low, out of sight for the device.

As of now it seems like only the Echo Arena portion of Echo VR is making its way into the Quest port, but maybe we will get Echo Combat on Quest too sometime soon.

Echo VR on Quest still does not have a release date. It was originally slated for 2019 but was delayed into this year back in early November. Echo VR is already out for Oculus Rift headsets — and it’s excellent.

If you’re interested in joining and helping the developers test the game, you can fill out the form right here. Let us know if you plan on participating in the Closed Beta down in the comments below!

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