Resident Evil 3: Where To Get The Bolt Cutters

One of the earliest key items needed in Resident Evil 3 is the Bolt Cutter. Certain key areas are inaccessible thanks to locks and chains, while one of the most important weapons in the entire game can only be accessed once the Bolt Cutters are available, so it’s good to grab it as soon as possible.

In order to get the Bolt Cutter, Jill needs to head to the Subway Office. Near the back of that area is a Firehose used to put out the alleyway blaze nearby and gain access to the tool room located adjacent to the garage. Inside is the Bolt Cutter, and although in total it will be used only a handful of times, it is still needed to progress through the story.

From here, there is an immediate use for the item on the red door inside of that same garage. Cutting the lock will trigger the next portion of the story as Jill meets an important character, and unfortunately, it’s not Barry. That is a tale for another time, but our dear old friend Barry Burton is now where to be found in this remake, so there is no one to prevent our main character from becoming a Jill sandwich.

Later, the Bolt Cutters can be used to access the supermarket. Inside is where Jill locates the Blue Jewel, which will be used elsewhere.

Apart from gaining access to areas needed to continue with the main story, the Bolt Cutter is needed to acquire the shotgun, and which is one of the most important weapons in the entire game. Of course, a player can choose to forgo the use of this weapon, but it is iconic within the Resident Evil series and useful against a broad range of bioweapons.

To acquire the shotgun, Jill needs to head back towards the Subway Office, and inside there is a gun case that is locked up with the familiar looking lock and chain.

Beyond that, the Bolt Cutter serves little purpose. This is good news for players who disliked that in early playthroughs of Resident Evil 2 it was often necessary to backtrack to a save room to grab the item after discovering a locked door with a chain blocking access.

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