Superhot Quest 2 Patch Improves Graphics, Preps 90HZ Support

Excellent VR puzzle-shooter, Superhot VR, will be getting a fresh update for Oculus Quest 2, improving the games’ visuals and more.

Superhot VR Quest 2 Patch Incoming

The update should be available by the time the headset arrives on October 13th. The team behind the game is promising not only visual updates like higher resolution and more detailed textures but also more bug fixes and Cloud Save support for anyone transitioning from Quest 1 to Quest 2, too. Check out the announcement trailer above.

Perhaps the most important part of the update, though, will be support for 90Hz. Well, that is once 90Hz is available; Quest will only feature beta support for the improved refresh rate at launch next week. Facebook says developers will be able to turn on 90Hz support in their own games soon after launch.

Superhot VR remains at the top of our best Quest games list 18 months on from the headset’s launch, so we’re happy to see the game get a refresh for Quest 2. In the game, time moves only when you do, allowing you to slowly manipulate action sequences by moving your body only slightly. You’re tasked with clearing out levels of enemies with the tools given to you, but take just one hit and you’ll be sent back to the start of a sequence. To this day it makes for one of the most stylish and joyous games you can play with a headset on.

Quest 2 plays every game that released for the original device by default, but developers have the option to take advantage of the added horsepower inside the new device. We’ve already seen improvements to games like Waltz of the Wizard and the upcoming The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and we’re hoping to see even more updates as we get closer to launch next week.

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