You Can Become A Real Life Dodo Airlines Pilot In New Apparel From Nintendo

Forget the Super Mario custom Switch (or don’t – you can always get both), as Nintendo New York City has a brand new fashion line out all about Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Dodo Airlines.

Specifically, it has a tee, jacket, and hat available to purchase on the Nintendo New York store, but given that it is from NYC, you can only get it shipped within the US. The jacket is $79.99, the hat is $29.99, and the tee is $24.99. Altogether, if you’re so inclined, it costs $134.97.

It’s not the first time that Nintendo has unveiled Animal Crossing attire or merch, as they also have the Timmy & Tommy tee, the Nook Inc. jacket, the Tom Nook T-shirt, the Tom Nook Family Business T-shirt, some themed cases, themed controllers, a console skin, custom Switch, and even plushes for Isabelle and Junior Tom.

On top of this, Nintendo NYC has rolled out some Super Mario World merch alongside the Super Mario 35 collections with 3D World and Odyssey pin sets. With the 35th anniversary of Zelda approaching, perhaps we’ll get some themed stuff around Link and co. as well, but hopefully for more than just American fans.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to fork out the cash to rep Dodo Airlines in real life, you can always do so in-game. There’s the custom code for the Dodo Airlines schedule which lets you prop up its flight times on your island, or, if you want to go even further, you can customize your in-game clothing to look like your part of the team.

Just know, that if choose to dress up as part of Dodo Airlines, you’ll be, like the company itself, a nice little walking oxymoron. The Dodo is one of few birds that can’t fly, so naming an airline after them? Well, it’s a neat little joke on Nintendo’s part. That being said, Wilbur and Orville are named after the Wright brothers. Y’know, the two that invented the airplane?

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