Resident Evil 3 And Resistance Are Getting Paid Unlockables And Costume DLC Soon

Resident Evil 3 is getting new DLC for both its single-player campaign and its multiplayer Resident Evil Resistance mode, although one pack is more substantial than the other. In August, you’ll be able to purchase two new costumes for the cast of Resistance, and a code to unlock everything in the campaign.

The Resistance DLC is the more exciting of the two, because it lets you dress up the whole game’s cast in the outfits from Resident Evil 2. You’ll be able to dress them up as either Claire Redfield, with her red jacket, or Leon Kennedy with his STARS outfit.

Unfortunately, you can’t just play as Leon and Claire, but this is the next best thing.

The DLC for the campaign will let you buy all the unlockables that could be purchased with points earned in-game. This includes Jill’s STARS outfit, which she wore back in the original Resident Evil. You’ll also be able to equip her with an infinite rocket launcher, if you want to run through the game with a reduced challenge.

The prices for both pieces of DLC have not been announced yet. Previous classic costume packs for Resistance have cost $3.

GameSpot gave Resident Evil 3 a 6/10 in its review. One of the cons listed in the review focused on the multiplayer: “Resistance has some interesting ideas, but it’s often clunky and lacks personality.”

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