10 Tips To Get You Started In Prey

You might’ve noticed that we here at TheGamer have been getting back into Prey since it came to Game Pass. One thing you might notice if you start playing it yourself is that Prey isn’t an easy game. It can be downright brutal in the first few hours as you figure out how exactly the game works. Worry not though, Prey’s gameplay style means that there are a ton of workarounds and tricks to make the game a lot easier on yourself.

10. The Gloo Cannon Is Multifunctional

Although it may just seem like a good way to keep mimics and phantoms still, the Gloo Cannon is going to be one of your greatest tools. Its first use is to freeze enemies in place, but by doing so you’re also getting a damage bonus on them when you strike them. In the early-game, one of the best ways of taking enemies down is to freeze them and then strike them.

The other secret purpose of the Gloo Cannon is traversing the environment. If you’re having difficulty getting around an obstacle, try using the Gloo Cannon to create some makeshift stairs for yourself and completely avoid whatever’s bothering you. It can be a bit tricky to get used to at first as it doesn’t always stick to all surfaces, but it can be a great way of exploring Talos I.

9. How To Deal With Mimics

Although they soon become replaced by much more threatening enemies, one of the scariest threats in Prey is the Mimics. As the name implies, they can mimic items in the environment to hide, before jumping out to attack the player. This might sound pretty freaky, but there are some tells to help you identify and deal with them.

For starters, make sure to look around your environment for things that shouldn’t be there. If there’s a random bin on the floor or an upturned mug, there’s a high chance that it’s a mimic waiting to attack you. It doesn’t hurt to hit items with your wrench whenever you’re suspicious of them either. If you’re certain that what you’re looking at is a mimic, a fully charged wrench hit will take them out in one.

Mimics also make a skittery noise whenever you’re nearby, so if you stand still and listen to the environment you’ll be able to hear if one’s nearby. The Psychoscope also has a chipset, Mimic Detection 1, that’ll let you see disguised Mimics.

8. Conserve Ammo Whenever Possible

Conserving ammo may seem like an obvious tip for any game but it’s especially important in Prey. Ammo goes incredibly fast in this game, and some of the later-game enemies can act like bullet-sponges for the unprepared.

One great way of conserving ammo is to try and use your wrench as much as possible. Using the wrench on smaller enemies like the Mimics is a good tip, but it’s also good to use for stealthy encounters. Put some Neuromods into stealth damage and you’ll forget you ever needed ammo.

Another good way of preserving ammo is to use items in your environment. Putting Neuromods into being able to lift heavy items also means you can throw those items at whatever enemies are in your way. You can also try hitting explosive canisters and luring enemies into electricity to clear out Typhon with ease.

As you explore Talos I, you’ll start to find fabrication plans for different types of ammo which will make building up a good supply a ton easier before the bigger enemies come about.

7. Don’t Skip The Huntress Boltcaster

What may look like a foam-pellet firing bow might actually end up being your greatest tool throughout Talos I. Well, okay, it’s still a toy bow, but it has a ton of uses throughout the game.

You’ll find the Huntress Boltcaster in the Sales Division of the Talos I Lobby. You can get here by going through the third-floor conference room. There’s a phantom to be aware of in the Sales Division area, but once he’s dealt with you’ll find the Boltcaster lying near a desk.

If you fire one of the foam pellets at computer screens, you’ll see that they react to the little bullets. What this essentially means is that if you can’t reach a certain screen there’s a very good chance that foam bullets can. 

Although the ability to hit touchscreens without being near them is very helpful, I’d argue that the Bowcaster’s second use will come in handy much more often. The little foam pellets can distract and lure enemies, which allows you to either sneak behind them or past them. You can even get a bit tricky with this, such as using the foam bullets to attract the exploding Typhon.

6. Recycle Everything And Anything

This piece of advice relates to the one above, in that it’ll also help you keep your inventory nice and neat. When playing Prey, you should be making sure to try and collect as many things as possible. Are all of these items useful? Not always, but they are all recyclable, which will give you the materials you need to make whatever you need.

Even if you see items you’ve already got, try and pick up a second version to throw straight in the nearest Recycler. Once you’ve found a reliable area, start lugging items back and forth to gather as many materials as possible. Doing so will allow you to make as many items as you see fit, and it’s well worth the effort.

Prey also handily includes a button that sorts all junk to put straight into the Recycler. Make sure to do this, but also remember that there are plenty of items in your inventory that can be recycled that aren’t classified as junk.

5. The Recycler Charge Is A Blessing

There are a few throwable items to be found in Prey, but one stands above the rest- the Recycler Charge.

This little grenade can be found throughout Talos I and eventually crafted but it has a few distinct functions that make it a really good resource for players. Its primary purpose is to suck in nearby items and turn them into usable materials for the recycler. Try and gather a bunch of items together and set the charge off for as many materials as possible.

The Recycler Charge’s second feature is acting as an incredibly powerful grenade. If you stick an enemy with this, it’ll do massive damage to them, with the potential for even more damage if you use the GLOO Cannon beforehand. It’s a great early-game escape tool from Phantoms.

Just be warned; make sure you’re standing far away from the charge when it detonates, as it can kill you incredibly easy. Learnt that the hard way, although you do also get an achievement for doing so.

4. Neuromods Aren’t A Limited Resource But Make Sure To Save Them

One of the most exciting resources in Prey is Neuromods as they allow you to access Typhon powers. An important thing to keep in mind is that these Neuromods aren’t a limited resource, as you can craft them at recyclers by finding a fabrication plan in Dr Kelstrup’s safe, located in Psychotronics with the code 0012.

This means that if you’re trying to save up for Neuromods, there’s always the option of using resources to craft them. Even if these items aren’t limited thanks to the fabrication plan, you’ll need a fair few of them to unlock some of the better skills in the game. Try and save a few to get a headstart on some of the more helpful abilities further down the upgrade tree.

3. The Environment Offers Health Boosts When Desperate

With so many dangers on Talos I, you’re going to want to get as much extra health as you can, wherever you can. Thankfully, Prey has a few different ways of recovering your health using the environment.

The most helpful of these methods is to use the Medical Operators dotted around the station. These green droids will remove any status effects and put you back to full health. There are also similar operators that will restore Psi and repair your armour, so keep an eye on any robot you see in the station.

Prey also continues the Dishonored tradition of having lots of food items and consumables dotted around the environment. Make sure to always either instantly consume these or put them in your inventory. If you’re at rock bottom you can always resort to using water coolers to restore 1HP per sip. This will obviously take a lot of time, but who can turn down free health in an emergency? 

2. Get The Shotgun As Soon As You Can

This is a good piece of advice for pretty much any game, but it rings especially true in Prey- get the Shotgun as soon as you can to make life a whole lot easier.

You can get the Shotgun as early as the Talos I Lobby, which is essentially the first hub in the game. Stay on the ground floor and head for the security hallway. Once you’re here, climb the bright yellow pipe and follow it to a vent, which will then drop you into the security office. You’ll find the Shotgun on the desk.

Without the Shotgun, you’re left with a pistol, wrench and a GLOO cannon for the first few hours of the game. Like other weapons, you can eventually find the shotgun in an easier location further into the game, but with this weapon especially you’re going to want to grab it straight away.

1. Use The Stun Gun For Human Enemies

This one took me a while to figure out. Later on in Prey, you’ll start encountering human enemies who have been mind-controlled. If you want to try and get the best ending and generally be a good person, you’re going to want to use the Stun Gun on them.

Using the stun gun on the Typhon-controlled crewmates will knock them unconscious, separating the link and turning them back to normal. All you need to do then is leave the area, and they’ll eventually be marked as safe. The Stun Gun can also be used to stun Mimics and overload turrets, which is helpful, but its main use is for humans.

You can find this helpful weapon in the Neuromod Division Lobby. Use the GLOO cannon to create a stairway to the second floor, where you’ll find the gun next to someone’s corpse. It pops up later in the game as well, but if you want it right from the start you’ll have to use the GLOO cannon.

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