How To Get Laid In Cyberpunk 2077

We’ve known for a while now that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to have sex in it. In fact, sex is everywhere in Night City, from sex workers over on Jig Jig Street (the colorful name given to Cyberpunk’s red-light district) to massive billboards featuring barely-clothed men and women.

A new video from GameSpot details how sex and relationships will work in CD Projekt Red’s upcoming epic open-world game. Phil Hornshaw played 16 hours of Cyberpunk, and after that time he realized that there’s a sort of hidden relationship gauge with people that can be filled up as you interact with a character.

“The more time you spend with people, the more you help them out, the deeper your relationship becomes,” Hornshaw said. While the player can never actually see this hidden statistic, you can get a feel for your relationship status through V’s interaction with that character.

Dialog choices, player choices, and how far along you’ve helped someone in their side quest will really determine how close you are to that character. Sidequests aren’t timed, so you can always decide to abandon a person temporarily and then come back to keep building that relationship later on.

Hornshaw only played for 16 hours, so he didn’t get to find out if ultimately you get to take any particular character to bed. He did note that certain characters will send you text messages to check-in, and how you respond to those random texts all filter into the aggregate relationship gauge.

As for sex, there’s plenty of sex workers around. So long as you can afford it, you can walk up to any of them, pay a set fee, and then be treated to a 30-second montage of moaning and ruffled bedsheets. The sex was somewhat more graphic than The Witcher 3, but not so much that Cyberpunk will offend Western sensibilities (although concerned parents can turn off nudity through a handy in-game toggle).

Hornshaw also dropped some details on V’s relationship with Johnny Silverhand. We knew that the biochip V inserts into his own brain contains the digitized soul of Johnny, but we didn’t know that same biochip was actually slowly taking over and giving Johnny more and more control over V. Eventually, V will be gone and Johnny will take over–unless V can find some way to get that chip out of his head.

Cyberpunk for sure comes out on December 10.

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