Monster Hunter World – How To Install The Best Mods

Even an amazing game like Monster Hunter World can only stay exciting for so long, even with official DLC being released. If you want to spice up your monster hunting experience, there’s no better way than installing the best mods, but don’t worry if that sounds intimidating because we’ll make it as easy as hunting a Great Jagras.

Mods may not always be welcome in the eyes of a game’s developer, but dedicated modders have taken broken games and made them playable, and great games and made them even greater. The latter is exactly the case for the modding scene in Monster Hunter World, and whether you’ve been hooked on the game since day one, or have lapsed and moved on to other things, these mods are the perfect way to get you reinvested in your favorite monster hunting simulator. Even if you’ve never installed a mod in your life, we’ll show you how easy it can be to change up your game however you want, whether it be purely cosmetic, or even adding in new content.

How To Install The Best Monster Hunter World Mods

There are a ton of mods available for Monster Hunter World, so many that it would be almost impossible to cover them all in a single article. Rather than overwhelm you with choices, we will focus on detailing how to install mods in your PC version of Monster Hunter World, and then go over some of the best mods, what they do, and why you should consider installing them.

How To Install Mods

The place you’ll want to go to start installing Monster Hunter World is Nexus Mods. This site is home to one of, if not the, largest community of modders online. They are your best resource for finding mods for nearly every game out there, but we will just be focusing on Monster Hunter World.

Once you reach the Monster Hunter World page on Nexus Mods, you first need to make a free account on the website which will prompt a few downloads. Once they are complete and your account it set up, the next step is to find a mod you want to install. Below the screenshots is a list of tabs that by default will start on Description, telling you all about what the mod does. One over to the right is files, which is where you will be able to download the actual files for that specific mod itself.

There could be multiple files here, but what you mostly want to look for is the most recent main file. Once you download the file, open your downloads file and locate the mod file. If you don’t happen to have Winzip and RAR, they are free downloads you will need to unzip most mod files you’ll download.

Once you open the file a new window will open that should have two files within it, one being a text file called Readme for instructions, and the other called nativePC. What you need to do is drag the nativePC file out of the window that opened up and drag it into the Monster Hunter native file. Unless you placed it elsewhere, this should be found inside your steamapps common folder on your PC, or you can open your PC files and search for Monster Hunter World. Simply click and drag the file over onto a blank space here.

After that your final step is to open up Monster Hunter World and enjoy your new mods. That’s right, it’s that simple. And, if something goes wrong or you’d rather remove the mod, just go back into the folder and delete the nativePC folder and the game will go back to its original state.

Best Monster Hunter World Mods

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, here are a couple of the best mods you can download today to spice up, improve, or otherwise change up your basic Monster Hunter World experience.

MHW TRANSMOG is another awesome addition that should’ve been included in the game from day one. If you’re not familiar with transmog, it is the ability to make any armor you have take on the appearance of another armor without losing its stats. So, if you really like the appearance of a low level armor, but need the stats of higher tier armor, you can transmog the higher level armor to appear like the one you enjoy and get the best of both worlds.

We would be remiss to not include at least one mod that’s really out there, and why not go with the most popular model mod: Xenoblade2 Mod Package. If you ever wished you could play as Pyra or Mythra from Xenoblade 2 in Monster Hunter World, well, your very specific wish has been granted. In reality, this recommendation is just an example of just how extensive model mods are for this game. There’s obviously no guarantee your favorite character or franchise is already a mod you can slap into your game, but if they’re popular then there’s a pretty decent chance. Other notable examples include 2B From NieR Automata, Camilla from Fire Emblem, Hatsune Miku, and tons of Final Fantasy and Dark Souls weapons.

Nexus Mod makes it incredibly easy to find whatever type of mod you’re looking for with a handy search function, or you can browse using a bunch of filters. Now that you know how simple it can be to get a mod installed and ready to go, the only thing you have to worry about is deciding which mod you want to try out first.

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