New PS5 game trailer for Godfall confirms 2020 release date

The PS5 reveal event may have been delayed but at least there’s one, small, bit of new footage for its only announced exclusive.

If the PlayStation 5 showcase planned for this Thursday had gone ahead, we would’ve finally seen what games Sony are planning for the console’s launch but at the moment we still know nothing about any of its first party titles.

That means that the only confirmed PlayStation 5 exclusive remains Godfall, published by Borderlands creators Gearbox.

The game is also due to be released on PC, but it’s not coming to Xbox Series X, and while the teaser above shows almost nothing it does reconfirm that it will be a launch title this Christmas.

The best look we’ve had at Godfall so far is via some leaked PC footage, where the game is revealed to be a third person action role-player.

The idea seems to be a looter shooter in the style of Destiny, complete with online co-op options but with melee combat instead of shooting.

Even with the leaks though there’s very little to judge it by at the moment, and it’s not even clear if any of the visuals from the official trailers are real-time or running on a PlayStation 5.

Although Godfall will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive there are a host of cross-generational titles that will also be appearing on the new console, and the Xbox Series X, such as Rainbow Six Siege, Warframe, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

What else is planned for the PlayStation 5 though will remain a mystery until Sony are finally able to host their reveal event.

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