Resident Evil 3: How To Complete The Vaccine Puzzle

The original Resident Evil 3 ended with Jill descending into the Dead Factory, a waste processing facility that serves as a battle ground for an unseen skirmish between Umbrella’s Tyrants and the Delta Force. A drab setting, the Dead Factory ends Resident Evil 3 on a morbid note before pitting Jill against Nemesis one last time. Much like its predecessor before it, Resident Evil 3 (2020) isn’t an entirely faithful remake, but its changes do make sense.

The Dead Factory doesn’t return in Resident Evil 3’s remake, and in its place is NEST 2. While NEST 2 is a more traditional lab setting, it links up Resident Evil 3 to Resident Evil 2 in a more intimate manner. NEST 2 also features some of the best level design in the remake, tense encounters, and a puzzle that leads right into the remake’s finale. Creating a vaccine is fittingly one of the last things Jill has to do in Resident Evil 3, putting her through the ringer one final time.

Finding The Override Key

Before Jill can start making the Vaccine, she needs to find an Override Key to gain access to all of NEST 2. From the Storage Safe Room on the first floor, head up the stairs and take your immediate left. Kill the two zombies feigning dead and break the crate to find some Shotgun Shells.

Turn back into the hallway and enter the Experiment Room. Along with High Grade Gunpowder and Handgun Ammo, Jill can also find the Override Key in a nearby computer. Pull it out and read the Essay on Vaccine Synthesis to learn how to make the actual vaccine. With the Override Key in hand, go back down to the first floor of NEST 2.

Grabbing The Antigen

On the first floor, use the Override Key on the computer in the hallway to unlock the Experiment Storage. There will be 5 Pale Heads and 1 Zombie stumbling around, so be careful. Pale Heads take a considerable amount of damage to kill, so any Magnum Rounds Jill has on hand should be used now.

The long Zombie will immediately lunge at Jill, so get ready to kill it fast. A Pale Head will stumble down the stairs while another crawls towards Jill from the right side of the room as a third follows behind. The fourth Pale Heads will have its back turned to the Server Room Door and the 5th doesn’t spawn until Jill grabs the Antigen Sample.

Once all the Pale Heads down here have been killed, walk up the stairs and enter Laboratory 1. Kill the Zombie in the room and then lift the Antigen Sample from its station. A Pale Head will spawn out of the vents once you’re walking down the stairs. Wait for it to drop, kill it, and then go to the Server Room Door.

Getting The Adjuvant

Inside of the Server Room, collect the Red Herb, Acid Rounds, and Gunpowder before heading downstairs to kill a Zombie. Push the nearby Generator into place to unlock the door and then grab the First Aid Spray out of the case. With the Generator on, Jill can head into the Bioweapon Incubation Room. Here, players will notice Hunters and Tyrants being created en masse. Take the elevator up and walk down the hallway.

Stop yourself before reaching the door up ahead because several Zombies will burst out in pursuit. 2 Zombies, 2 Parasite Zombies, and 1 Pale Head will all be lying in wait. Use the Shotgun to take out the Zombies and Magnum for the Pale Head. Once all of the Zombies have been killed, open the tray inside of the Incubation Lab to obtain the Adjuvant Sample.

Making The Vaccine

Heal up if Jill’s low on health and then take the elevator down. Three of the Hunters will break out of their incubation tanks and Jill will be locked down in the Bioweapon Incubation Room until they’re all dead. Now’s a good time to expend some Grenade Launcher ammo. If you’re stuck fighting with the Handgun or Shotgun, keep some distance and kill the Hunters from afar. Once the Hunters have been killed, the door will unlock and Jill can take the stairs back up to the first floor.

Save at the Typewriter and then go to the Experiment Room on the second floor. Place both the Antigen and Adjuvant Sample into the center station to trigger a puzzle. Jill needs to manufacture the vaccine by evening out all three bars on-screen. To quickly make the vaccine, swap the left bar to Mid (one press) and the center bar to High (two presses). This will quickly end the puzzle and give Jill a completed Vaccine.

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